Douglas J. Feith

Thursday, December 29. 2016

Obama, the UN, and the War on Israel that never ends

Douglas J. Feith

Tuesday, February 8. 2011

USA/ Dictators and Hedgehogs

Douglas J. Feith

Thursday, June 11. 2009

USA/ Obama's "Must-y" Cairo Rhetoric

Douglas J. Feith

Thursday, May 21. 2009

USA/ How to Win the 'Long, Hard Slog'

Douglas J. Feith

Saturday, December 6. 2008

The War On Terror/ India is a key ally

Douglas J. Feith

Wednesday, November 19. 2008

Books/ Dexter Filkins memoir on the Iraqi War

Douglas J. Feith

Tuesday, November 18. 2008

The War On Terror/ On Journalism and National Security




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